"Hey everybody! It's getting warm weather again, and boy am I glad to see Spring coming around! I will have several instruments up for sale shortly, including the new F& R Stewart violin, as well as 2 re-voiced violins. I also have a near mint condition 1962 RB100 with one of my rings in it, and it is an absolute BEAST! I will have a D28 listed in a few days that I have re-voiced as well. We have an amazing KING MORE-TONE bass that belongs to Harold Nixon for sale, and it is also a MONSTER bass. Harold has recorded with this one, as have I, and it is a MONSTER! Thanks to all of you for the patience while I got more instruments up, it's hard to keep anything in stock. Hopefully a new Yates Ron Stewart banjo model will be up soon! Thanks again so much, and I hope to see all of you out this year at a Boxcar's Show!"

Ronnie Stewart

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