Yates RS33 Banjo

Yates RS33 Banjo
Yates RS33 Banjo

Brand: Yates Banjos
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Price: $4,775.00
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​Hey Banjo pickers! It's been a while since I have had a new RS model to list. I can't seem to keep them long enough, which is a great thing. That just means a lot of banjo pickers are getting into the banjo of their dreams which is what we strive for everyday! Here we have an RS-33, that is just a MONSTER banjo, and if you like that early '30's Flathead, NO HOLE TONE RING power, quickness, and just all around mean tone, here is your banjo! It has all of that, PLUS an extremely sweet up the neck tone, which is everything you could want in a banjo rolled into one. This banjo comes with a heavy duty Red Line case. Don't miss this opportunity to own a banjo that sounds like an old Flathead, without mortgaging the house to get it. As always, I offer free shipping to the lower 48, and that makes my price the cheapest you can buy a new Yates ANYWHERE!

$4,775.00 FREE SHIPPING to lower 48!

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