Who Plays Ron's Fiddles?


"The fiddle that I got from Ron is a cannon.  It's my number one axe.  I've had a number of fine, expensive French and German violins, but I haven't played them in the years since I've had Ron's.  It sounds great indoor and outdoor, in all kinds of weather, in a studio or on a stage.  It's the best playing fiddle I've ever owned!"
Brian Wicklund  www.fiddlepal.com



"Since winter of 2004, I have exclusively played an old German fiddle revoiced by the Stewarts.  It has made me a different player, a better player.  Frank and Ronnie take so much care with each instrument.  After they've worked their magic, each fiddle sounds the way it was always meant to sound."
Megan Lynch  http://www.fiddlestar.com


"Ron and his dad know how to get the best out of a fiddle. I enjoy playing the one I got from them on the road and in the studio. Some of the best sounding fiddles I've played have been ones they've worked on."

Justin Moses  http://www.justinmoses.com


"The first time I played Stewart's fiddle, it was incredible! First, bowing and the great bluegrass sound that I've always heard on records came to me. I have other fiddles, but Ron and Frank's are the best! It has a mellow, sweet tone and a great set up. I really like Stewart's philosophy of revoicing old and new fiddles and you don't have to buy a really expensive one. I suggest that you contact them for a great bluegrass fiddle!!!"

Lluís Gómez  http://web.mac.com/lluisgomez/

I put my trust into Ron and Frank, and they provided me with a awesome sounding, re-voiced fiddle, and made it a lefty to boot ! The set-up, the response, the feel and did I mention the "sound" I get is amazing for a new fiddle. Ron was great, and they had the work done and the fiddle delivered to me in weeks!

Thankful and proud owner Dude!

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