New German Fiddle

New German Fiddle
New German Fiddle
"Dear Ron and Frank, I just got fiddle from P.O. , been admiring & playing it ever since!! I cant get over the awesome sound and playability !!! It is everything you said it was and a ton more!! I'm already playing in ways I've never played before !! It is more beautiful looking than in the photos you sent !! I noticed as soon as I picked it up that it had a different feel to it. It seems like a dream !!! I don't know how to thank you both for providing me with this special fiddle. I know it will provide me with an endless supply of inspiration & motivation for practicing and playing my heart out!! Wow, what a grand experience it has been being associated with you both !!! Thanks again for the autograph and dvd !! They will forever be cherished , with the fiddle !!!"

-Larry Greiter 9-10-2011

Brand: Stewart's Violin Repair
Availability: Sold
Price: $2,600.00

Hey Fiddlers, Here we have an extraordinary example of a violin that I have toured with over the last year off and on as well as recorded with. It is a rare example of a highly figured one piece back, with a masterful antiqued varnish that is just breath taking! And about the tone...IT'S HUGE and everything you could possibly EVER want in a violin period! We re-voiced it for the Stewart's Violin sound that only we have, and it delivers in spades! Even, Loud, extremely sweet, very forgiving on double stops, it has it all and more! Plays like butter as all of ours do. It is so good that I nearly kept this one for myself, as the neck is really great and close to my old French Violin.

$2,600.00 Shipped to lower 48 in a new case!

You won't find a better violin within 4 times this price. Hurry, it won't last!

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