Salzard Violin

Salzard Violin
Salzard Violin
"I put my trust into Ron and Frank, and they provided me with a awesome sounding, re-voiced fiddle, and made it a lefty to boot ! The set-up, the response, the feel and did I mention the sound I get is amazing for a new fiddle. Ron was great, and they had the work done and the fiddle delivered to me in weeks!"

-Thankful and proud owner Dude!

Brand: Stewart's Violin Repair
Availability: Sold
Price: $2,100.00

Hey Fiddlers,

I finally have a coupe of fiddles to list! It's been a while but keeping them long enough to list has been an issue but alas, here we go! We have a Salzard from the late 1800's that is just a gorgeous violin and it absolutely screams tone and volume! We re-voiced this violin, re-thicknessing the top and back plates as well as the bass bar to get that signature Stewart's Violin sound that you can only get with one of our violins! Sweet double stops, powerful, and balanced perfectly across! Finding a violin this great for under 10k....IMPOSSIBLE! The wood in this violin is striking, with it's narrow highly flamed back and sides as well as the wide flamed neck. The top wood is choice as well. Varnish is a beautiful shaded amber and reddish color. This fiddle is a lifetime instrument that you will love every time you get it out of it's new case.

$2,100.00 FREE SHIPPING to lower 48!!!! Comes in a new case!

You won't find a better violin within 4 times this price. Hurry, it won't last!

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