Ron Stewart has became a highly sought after recording engineer and producer in the last 10 years, and owns The Sleepy Valley Barn recording studio. Ron is all about TONE, and making your CD stand out from anything out there today! As a producer, Ron has the knowlege of all of the stringed instruments, and a keen ear for what works in any given situation. Getting the best out of a band or artist is what Ron does best! Three locations makes it handy for musicians and bands to be a little closer to home! Ron has engineered mixed and mastered a host of recordings, including:
  • JD Crowe and The New South "Lefty's Old Guitar" (Nominated for a Grammy) Rounder Records
  • Dwight McCall "Never Say Never" Rural Rhythm Records
  • Ricky Wasson "From The Heart and Soul "Rural Rhythm Records
  • Paul Ebert, Moncton, NB Canada
  • Roxeen Roberts, NS Canada
  • Ryan Roberts, NS Canada
  • Blue River Bluegrass
  • Tommy Webb, 3 CD's "Heartland" Rural Rhythm Records
  • Darrell Webb "Lonesome Day Records
  • Jeff Parker "Lonesome Day Records"
  • Lou Reid "Lonesome Day Records"
  • Blue Moon Rising "On The Rise" "Lonesome Day Records"
  • John Lawless
  • The Spinney Brothers, 3 CD's
  • Justin Jenkins, Engineered tracking sessions and overdubs, mixing and mastering by Harold Nixon
  • Missy Werner
and many, many more!!!!
Here's what some clients have to say about it: Studio Testimonials!
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